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Tax Preparation for Airline Pilots

Expert Tax Preparation for Airline Pilots in Lake Saint Louis & Beyond

Passenger plane above the clouds.When it comes to proactive tax preparation, as a professional in the aviation industry, you often face many challenges unique to your service field and personal finances. At JC Herren Co LLC, we have a large client base of airline pilots and have been assisting commercial, private, and retired aviators with expert tax preparation in Lake Saint Louis since 1981.

As enrolled agents, John Herren and Kathy Herren are uniquely qualified to handle all aviation tax services throughout the U.S, including IRS audit representation. This is especially helpful if you work in one state, but your home is in another. Many things can shift for you personally and professionally, and our experts know how to take advantage of changing tax laws to benefit your return.

Besides his background as an EA, John is also a retired airline pilot. He knows how the industry works, how you think, and what you need. It is our combination of extensive skill, credentials, and first-hand industry experience that allow us to provide quality support and year-round guidance. Contact JC Herren Co LLC at our Lake Saint Louis based firm to get started today!

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How Our Aviation Tax Consultants Can Help You

businessman using calculator in officeTo ensure we provide you with the most effective tax preparation strategy possible, our team first determines whether your work and home locations are an issue. We take time to understand your needs and your situation. By working with our experts, you can ensure you claim all eligible deductibles and maximize all aviation industry benefits.

Our team understands that as an airline pilot, you are likely subject to multi-state tax filings. As EAs, our tax regulation expertise provides a deep knowledge base of past and present rulings to protect against various state tax issues. For example, we often use public law 91-569. This passed in the 1960s, giving more fiscal flexibility to aviation professionals. As aviation tax consultants, we are some of the few who know how to use specific laws when preparing your return.

Do Pilots Pay State Income Tax?

Whether you are a commercial or private airline pilot, you must pay state income taxes. As an aviation professional, you often need to file multi-state returns. Your earnings are taxed by your state of residency and any other state where you earn more than fifty percent of your pay. As an enrolled agent and retired pilot, John understands the financial and compliancy challenges you face regarding your single income source.

How JC Herren Co LLC Can help Pilots Understand Available Tax Deductions

Professional tax preparation for airline pilots has been our primary focus for the last 25 years. As such, we specialize in tax services and know-how to pinpoint possible deductions unique to you and your industry. We make sure you capitalize on all allowable deductions related to your profession, never having you pay more than what you owe.

Our team can help airline pilots make sense of available deductions such as:

  • Business Expenses
  • Moving Expenses
  • Per Diem Reimbursements
  • Hardship Loans from Retirement Plans
  • Tax Levies
  • And much more!

We are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive pilot tax preparation solutions possible. In addition to helping identify qualified deductions, we also take time to ensure you understand how to use aviation expenses to your benefit. This includes determining if you can write off a plane you own.

Helping You Navigate Through the Complexities of Multiple Incomes

Experienced pilot in uniform standing in cabin of private jetAt JC Herren Co LLC, you can count on us to assist you when you have multiple income sources. Perhaps you sell real estate or own rental properties in one or several states. Maybe you are ex-military and perform contract work for the national guard or air force. It is not uncommon for airline pilots to extend their expertise and start a side business or two.

The more income sources on your plate, the more complicated your tax needs become. Operating in multiple states or changing bases can also lead to increased issues. With all these continuous fluctuations, filing your income taxes needs expert attention.

Our team is well-versed in preparing and filing for complex tax situations. We can navigate you through the challenges while helping you save. By preventing mistakes and avoiding penalties, we can steer you clear of unwanted IRS attention. Our EAs also provide comprehensive tax relief if you should ever need it.

Year-Round Support for All Your Endeavors

As part of our dedication to helping you succeed, we provide personalized tax solutions and assistance throughout the year. Anytime you are confused about tax forms or wish to plan for investments, we have got you covered!

Our aviation accounting services can help you create a budget, set aside money for your side business, and plan for retirement. We can also help you adjust withholdings to ensure you receive earned revenue when you want it.

Schedule A Consultation with Aviation Tax Experts Today!

At JC Herren Co LLC, we provide complete tax preparation and support for airline pilots in Lake Saint Louis and nationwide. Our full team of EAs and CPAs are committed to helping you utilize your unique tax status to its full potential. With decades of skill and industry-specific experience, we can develop custom strategies that contribute to your ultimate financial goals. To discover how our aviation tax services can help you, contact us today!

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